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Under Construction!!!!!!!!


         News: Welcome to the Official Downpoint
          website.  We are a metal band from
          the northern Pittsburgh area.            The site may be going through
          an over haul, so bear with us.            We have two mp3's at see
          the sounds section below for a
          link to the mp3's

   Shows: none lined up as of now.

  Sounds: We have two full songs at
          click here to go to our mp3 site

          Here are two samples from songs
          not found on the site.
          Born in Blood - 1 min. sample
          Fourth Reich - 1 min. sample

    Band: Downpoint originaly started in May
          of 1996. Only two original members
          the band remain Kevin Martin on
          the drums and Joe Malone on guitar
          After Aaron and Jerry the original
          bass and rythm guitar players left
          Downpoint was unsure of their
          future.  After a few months of
          writing and deliberating they
          decided to have Joe's brother
          Andrew Malone take up the vocal
          slot so that Joe could concentrate
          on guitar only.  Shortly after
          John Crawford, friend of the band
          joined in to fill the spot playing
          bass guitar.  So the line up now
          consists of:
               Joe Malone - guitar
               Kevin Martin - drumms
               John Crawford - bass
               Andrew Malone - vocals 

Booking: contact us via e-mail for booking.           It may a few days for a reply,
         the site and e-mail are run by           a friend.  Or you can snail mail
         us at-
                        1616 2nd Ave
                        Conway, PA
                           1 5 0 2 7